What is your Hobby?

I love making jewellery

My hobby of making jewellry only started 3 years ago.  Before that I had no hobby to speak of ( yes i always loved travel and photography, but never really got to do them as a hobby).  Now creating wearable jewellery is almost an obsession.

I am a self taught jewellery maker, I learn’t everything by reading about it and trying it out on my own.  I am the kind of person where I see beauty in many things, places, and even people.

To me making jewellery is to capture beauty into something you can wear.  Here are some of my earring designs, that I have completed in the past couple of months.  They are a little bit quirky and a little bit fun…


Each earrings was inspired by something i found special.  Some examples are summer colours, rainbows, rain clouds, sailing, music, space and places I adore.

I do always make my earring with hypoallergenic or silver coated findings so they can be worn by people with sensitive skin conditions as well.  And another enjoyable part of selling my jewellery  is  packaging them in beautiful galss bottles (messages in bottles) or kraft paper boxes.


Stud earrings in glass bottles


Kraft paper box



8-12mm size stud earrings

I thoroughly enjoy coming up with new designs.  The process of creating something of my own is somewhat soothing and rewarding.

What is your hobby?  I would love to hear about your hobbies 🙂

About Shani W

I am a mother of two owner of Kookki Designs and a dreamer of life filled with love, laughter and travel adventure

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