The Story of Kookki Design Studio……..

I have always loved handmade products and will always be inspired by people’s creative abilities. My own creativity came into light later in my life when I first got pregnant decorating my little girl’s nursery. While waiting for my daughter’s arrival I set out painting characters that meant something to me, something she can keep when she grew up.


My watercolor painting of Jemima the puddle duck from Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit book sereis

Peter Rabbit Watercolour

Peter Rabbit Watercolour by Shani

Field Mouse Beatrix Potter Watercolour

Field Mouse Watercolour by Shani


That was when I realised I had a bit of a creative gene in me. And that being creative really might have been my true passion.  Painting became my new thing, I was sketching things everywhere, and I just wanted to be painting or sketching something that captivaged me, or how I felt at times.  With this new discovery about myself and the arrival of my baby girl I had a new dream that was to explore my own creative abilities.


So I began my creative journey. Apart from sketching things I wanted to make things with my hands. I found it difficult to find cute jewellery for little girls. Since I loved glass items my first attempt at making something was one of a kind hair clips and jewelry pieces for my little girl using glass cabochons.  yes this involved my other great skill of extensive researching and lots of reading. I taught myself how to make glass cab jewellery, and trialed my own techniques over and over to created my own style and technique. It then branched into making personalised jewellery for close friends and relatives. Collecting paper, taking photos and coming up with new designs became my passion. My jewellery started being noticed and with the encouragement of family and friends Kookki Design Studio was born.  Etsy store was opened in March 2012 when my baby boy was only 5months old.


I design and create a wide range of jewellery and accessories for kids, women and men to suite any occasion including weddings. Each piece is made in my home studio in Melbourne, Australia. The range of products I make include cufflinks, earrings, neckalces, pendants, rings, hair clips, brooches, coasters. Each piece is made carefully in my home studio in Melbourne, Australia.


I love customizing my designs, where I can create a unique piece for someone.  A very  special photo/image or  kids’ artwork  or a special saying can be converted into a wearable pieces of jewellery.  They make wonderful keepsake gifts for those special people in our lives.


I use mainly glass, nontoxic glazes, silver or bronze coated metal findings and beautiful paper. I love travelling. During my travels I collect specialty paper, hand crafted paper and vintage books. My own drawings, paintings, and photos, as well as illustrations from other artists are used to make my jewellery.  For some of my designs I use paper decoupage techniques. Where the papers are layered and protected with a special technique. I really do not limit my creativity to one area or one medium, I like to explore as I create.


I would love to keep growing my humble Kookki Designs, learning new skills, cultivating my creative abilities. I dream of a day when I can have a gallery shop where fellow makers/creators can showcase their handmade items.

I am thankful to my supportive husband and my family who stands by me with every step of my creative journey.

I appreciate all your feedback so please do leave some comments for me….

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