Valentines Day Gift Ideas


These are some of my valentines day designs.

Etsy has loads of very unique handmade valentines day gift ideas.  You can see more of my new designs at Kookki Designs.

Personally, I think valentines day is a commercial trick, however I can never ignore it either.  This is the day for lovers. And a day to tell the one you love, that you truly love them which is something we don’t seem to have a whole lot of time to do once we start work and a family.

So I always end up doing something to reminisce our love on Valentine’s Day.  This year (2015) I am thinking….. a bottle of wine and a stack of old albums after dinner which will enable us to travel back in time,  remember the good old days.

What are your plans for valentines day?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

About Shani W

I am a mother of two owner of Kookki Designs and a dreamer of life filled with love, laughter and travel adventure

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